Alarm Permitting and Information

Ogden City, UT - Ordinance No. Title 5 Chapter 6

False Alarm Prevention
False alarms are costly and dangerous because they divert police officers from proactive crime prevention efforts. They also delay response to calls that may be true emergencies.

What is a False Alarm?

"False Alarm" Activation of any alarm system which results in a response by police officers when a situation requiring a response by them or other emergency response unit in fact does not exist. It includes an alarm signal caused by conditions of nature which are normal for that area and subject to control by the alarm business operator or alarm user. False alarm does not include an alarm signal caused by extraordinarily violent conditions of nature not reasonably subject to control.

Alarm Permit and False Alarm Fee Schedule 

Annual Permit Renewal Fees 

  • $25.00 for Burglary and Robbery Alarm systems for Commercial sites.
  • Residential Alarms are not required to obtain a Permit

Burglary/Robbery – Fine Schedule

  • 1st and 2nd false alarm: $0.00
  • 3rd false alarm and above: $150.00 each

A permit can be Suspended for:

  • Excessive false alarms: An alarm system has generated in excess of six (6) false alarms within any twelve-month period.
  • Non-paymentThe permit holder has failed to pay any false alarm fees within thirty (30) days.
    • A reinstatement fee of $200.00 may apply