Good Landlord Program


Started in October 2004, the goal of Ogden City's Good Landlord Program is to address aspects of property management that may encourage the elimination of code violations and public nuisances while controlling and preventing illegal activity on rental properties that affect the quality of life within our neighborhoods.

An apartment building with a grass field and rocky landscaping in front of it.

About the Program

The program provides financial incentives to landlords who actively implement the objectives of the landlord training course, keep their properties free of criminal activity, and maintain their properties free of code violations. It also authorizes a discount toward disproportionate impact fees assessed against rental dwellings under the City's business licensing regulations. Disproportionate impact fees are assessed based on the amount of police and fire services provided to rental dwellings, the discount is offered to landlords who help the City reduce the occurrences for such services required on rental properties.

Program Requirements

Landlords must complete an eight-hour training course through the program that teaches them:
  • Avoid Discrimination
  • Comply With the Fair Housing Act
  • Identify Criminal Activity, Observe Zoning Laws
  • Screen Tenants Through Background Checks and Credit Checks
  • To Maximize the Use of Rental Applications
Over 1,300 landlords have already received the training.

Once landlords complete the initial training, a four-hour refresher course is required every other year. The Good Landlord Program builds a better rapport with:
  • Apartment Associations
  • Apartment Owners
  • City Personnel
  • Police
  • Realtors
  • Tenants
This partnership approach has been fundamental to the program's overall success.

Summary of Landlord Requirements

  • Completing the landlord training program.
  • Properly screening tenant applications, background checks, and credit checks.
  • Maintaining properties free of criminal activity, code violations and other public nuisances.
  • Being current on city business licenses and fees.