Budget Information by Department

Each year, the Council meets with the directors of each department to discuss their upcoming budget proposals. These discussions are open to the public and typically take place in a series of work sessions throughout the month of May. The information gathered in these meetings help the Council better understand the proposed budget and make decisions that are more informed. This page is a one-stop shop for budget information regarding each department in the city.

Fiscal Year 2023

Department Packet Information Presentations Video | Timestamp
Attorney Budget Proposal   Work Session | 1:18:49
City Council & Mayor's Office Budget Proposal Presentation Work Session | 12:21
Community & Economic Development Budget Proposal | CIP Presentation Work Session | 0:55:53
Fire & Medical Services Budget Proposal Presentation Work Session | 0:08:44
Management Services Budget Proposal | CIP Presentation Work Session | 2:07:31
Municipal Building Authority Budget Proposal Presentation Work Session | 1:25:39
Police Budget Proposal Presentation Work Session | 1:24:03
Public Services Budget Proposal/Utilities  | CIP 1, 2 Budget | Utilities Work Session | 26:06
Redevelopment Agency Budget Proposal Presentation Work Session | 1:42:41
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