Floodplain maps and ordinance update

floodingThe Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) prepared new flood hazard determinations that modify the flood insurance rate maps (FIRMs) within Ogden.  The determinations include additions to and removal of mapped special flood hazard areas and floodways and other related information.   The City of Ogden adopted these new FIRMs so property owners remain eligible to purchase flood insurance.  The City also adopted new flood hazard regulations to meet FEMA standards.

Most of the proposed changes modify special flood hazard areas and floodways adjacent to the Weber River and Ogden River.  Some changes affect areas near the Newgate Mall and Ogden BDO.

You can view the new maps at the following link:  Flood Map Changes Viewer

Flood Hazard Changes - City Council Report

FEMA Flood Zones and Maps Explained

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