Getting an Engineering Permit

There are three different Engineering Permits a contractor can pull:  Right-of-Way, Right-of-Way / Site Work and SWPP permits.  This section will focus on applying for the Right-of-Way Permit, as the other two permits are written up by the Engineering Permit Coordinator, in conjunction with Predevelopment and Development projects.

Applying for a Right-of-Way Permit:

Contractors can apply for a Right-of-Way Permit in the following ways: 

The permit can be paid for over the phone or online, and issued through AdobeSign for electronic signature.

Required Documents:

  1. Site Plan
  2. Traffic Control Plan
  3. Insurance & Bond

The Site Plan is part of the permanent permit record, and as such must be drawn or produced in such a way that anyone looking at the site plan will be able to understand exactly what work is being done. 

Illegible or poorly drawn site plans WILL BE REJECTED!


The Site Plan should include the following elements:

  • Aerial photo background 
  • Building or house location 
  • Site address
  • North arrow
  • Work location
  • Notes (describing work to be performed)
  • Sidewalk, Curb & gutter location  (when present)
  • Utility main locations

The Site Plan Template is being discontinued and will no longer be accepted as a Site Plan after December 31, 2023.  Please submit a Site Plan that includes all of the elements listed above on an aerial photo of the property where the work is located.

How to Create a Site Plan

Examples of Site Plans:

Location Plan - If your Project is remodeling or adding on to an existing building, you must include a plan showing how the proposed improvements relate to the existing structure(s)

  1. Acknowledgement Sheet
  2. Winter Paving Plan (11/17/23 - 4/15/24)

The Acknowledgement Sheet is a required document for all Right-of-Way permits except tree trimming and window cleaning.  It is filled out at the same time the permit is signed, whether in person, or electronically through AdobeSign.  While this is not one of the documents that is initially submitted for a permit, it is helpful for the contractor to download a copy and become familiar with it

The Acknowledgement Sheet explains the rules and expectations that contractors are expected to abide by while working in the Ogden City Right-of-Way.  Initialing and signing the form indicates that the Contractor understands these rules and requirements, and assumes responsibility for knowing the processes, engineering standards and practices associated with Right-of-Way work in Ogden.  This form should be forwarded on to the Supervisor or Crew Lead who will be supervising the work in the field; office staff should not electronically sign the permit.

Click on the image below for a PDF copy of the Acknowledgement Sheet:

Acknowledgement TN Opens in new window