Crime Reports and Tracking

Crime Summary

Ogden City's Police department has taken a proactive approach to crime prevention in the last several years. Using innovative and highly motivated methods, a significant drop in crime has been realized over the years. Crime reporting is established in three steps: defining crime, reporting crime, and tracking reports.

Defining Part 1 Crimes

There are eight criminal offenses that make up what law enforcement has labeled "Part 1 Crimes;" four are violent crimes (murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault) and four are property crimes (burglary, larceny, auto theft, and arson).

This reporting method is the industry standard for all law enforcement agencies throughout the nation and is compiled each year to create the FBI Uniform Crime Report (UCR). Of all Part 1 Crimes committed in Ogden (1991 to 2016), about 90% are property crimes.

In House Tracking

In addition to reporting Part 1 Crimes for the FBI UCR, crimes within Ogden are also tracked continuously with the police department's in-house records management system, called Spillman.  While the FBI UCR provides a static reflection of citywide crime incidents for an entire year at a time, The Spillman system allows the flexibility to monitor crime rates, trends, and patterns through various areas of the city and for specific time periods.    

Using Reports to Track & Influence Crime Trends

In November 2007, Ogden City Police department's Crime Reduction Unit went into service. The primary focus of this newly employed police task force was, and still is, to reduce crime in the greater downtown area-a region defined as 20th Street to 30th Street and Washington Boulevard to Harrison Boulevard.

In 2008, Part 1 Crimes in Ogden were the lowest in 18 years. Crime decreased 15.2% from 2007 to 2008, making it the largest single-year crime reduction rate for this same 18-year period. These reductions in crime for Ogden cover a period of time when the city population increased. The highest year for Part 1 Crimes in Ogden was in 1997 when the population was listed as 73,125 (FBI UCR). In contrast, 2008 was the lowest year for Part 1 Crimes in Ogden and the population was listed as 83,353 (FBI UCR). Furthermore, the in-house tracking of records showed a 4.5% drop in crime from 2008 to 2009.

Annual Reports

You can look up the reported crime rate in Ogden from 1997-2015 at the Utah Department of Public Safety-Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI)