Sewer Services

Sewer Truck

Sanitary Sewer

Ogden City owns and operates three jet-vacuum sewer line cleaning trucks. We feel it is very important to remove grit and debris - meaning dirt of particles other than the raw sewage in the collection system, rather than having it build up and cause problems downstream or at the Treatment Plant.

Proactive Cleaning

The City of Ogden has a very proactive cleaning program. We clean the entire sewage collection system every two years. In place is a routine cleaning schedule that is done on a weekly, monthly, three-month, and six-month rotation to ensure good, reliable sewer service in areas of the system that need additional cleaning. The City also owns a camera van that is used to inspect City mains for any root intrusion or damage that may be present in the lines.

Sewer Emergencies

All sewer emergencies, backups, or other immediate issues are responded to 24-hours a day, seven days a week, within 30 minutes of when the call is received. Any customer experiencing sewer-related problems can call Public Ways and Parks at 801-629-8271 during regular business hours. The Public Safety non-emergency number is 801-629-8221 for after-hours, weekends, or holidays.

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