Streets & Sidewalks


Ogden City uses both city crew and contractors to maintain the 300 miles of streets within the city limits.

This work includes:
  • Bridge repairs
  • Chip-seal coatings
  • Curb and gutter repairs
  • Guard-rail repairs
  • Overlays with surfaces being milled down first
  • Overlays without milling
  • Pot-hole repairs
  • Shoulder repairs
  • Snow and ice control work
  • Street construction and reconstruction
  • Street sign installation and replacement
  • Street striping
  • Traffic control


Most city streets in Ogden have sidewalks adjacent to them. Ogden City maintains the existing city sidewalks, marking and cataloging damaged and broken concrete throughout the city, and repairing them as time and money allows.

Occasionally the city will install new sidewalk in existing neighborhoods, particularly near schools to provide safe routes for children walking to and from school.