Snow Removal

City Council Adopts Amendments to Snow Removal Ordinance

City Council's meeting on Tuesday night, January 10th, Ogden's Snow Removal Requirement Ordinance (10-5-21) underwent several amendments after months of discussion and community input. These changes are now in effect, aiming to enhance the efficiency of snow removal operations while keeping our community safe. 

Key Changes to the Ordinance:


 Street Parking Restrictions:

  • No street parking is permitted during snowfall or when snow removal operations are apparent or imminent.


Exemptions for Certain Properties:

  • Properties without a driveway approach are exempt.
  • State roads are exempt from the street parking restrictions.
  • The Mayor or designee can grant exemptions for streets with insufficient off-street parking.

Snowbound Vehicles:

  • Abandoned vehicles on the street due to snow must be relocated within 48 hours or will be subject to impound.


Community cooperation is crucial. Ogden residents play a vital role in supporting these efforts by adhering to the updated guidelines. By doing so, we collectively contribute to the effectiveness of snow removal and the overall well-being of our community.


Residents are encouraged and can read complete details of the amended ordinance here.

Streets with limited parking and driveways

  • Childs – Between 28th and 30th
  • Swaner PL – Between Lake St. and 26th St.   
  • Capitol St. – Between Quincy and Jackson
  • Orchard Ave – Between 20th and 21st 
  • 24th St. – Between Adams and Quincy
  • Rue Ann Ct – East of 2250 & Van Buren
  • Cahoon – Between Custer and Taylor
  • Orchard – Between 23rd and 24th
  • 20th – Between Fillmore and Pierce
  • Eccles – Between 23rd and 24th
  • Ogden Ave – Between 20th and 23rd
  • Oak St. – Between Ogden Ave and Adams Ave
  • Doxey St. – Below Adams Ave 
  • 200 Block of 8th Street
  • 2500 block of Porter

Addresses with limited parking and driveways

  • 2424 Tyler Ave
  • 872/874/876 23rd St.
  • 725 25th St. - 6 units
  •  1745 Childs Ave
  • 2240 Monroe Blvd
  • 583 31st/3103 Jefferson
  • 3117 Jefferson
  • 3116 Jefferson 

Who Owns the Road?

When inquiring about snow removal on a particular road, it helps to first know who owns the road. Please refer to the City Roads & State Roads map to determine if it is a state road, city road or a private road you are inquiring about.

Snow Removal on City Streets

Ogden City crews will clear snow from priority roads first. Priority roads include those around hospitals, schools, and City-maintained heavily traveled roads. Intersections are the next priority, then slick hills and dangerous curves. When those are cleared, side streets are completed. We try to have all roads cleared within 15 hours unless the storm is prolonged. Then, priority roads take precedence and other streets (residential and dead-end streets) will be cleared when conditions allow.

Garbage Cans on Street

On garbage day, cans should be removed from the road after being emptied as soon as possible.


Salting starts when two inches of snow accumulates on the street, or in areas with steep streets, just before a major storm arrives. Salt is generally applied only on hills and at intersections. Snow plowing starts when four or more inches of snow accumulates on streets.

Snow Removal on Sidewalks

Citizens are responsible for snow removal on sidewalks and approaches.