Past Due Bills & Collections

Monthly Statements

Ogden City Utilities sends out monthly statements. If there is a delinquent balance on your account at the time of billing a notice is printed on your bill indicating the requirement to pay that delinquency by a specific date.

Example of Billing Notice

Your Delinquent Balance at Billing Time is:


This amount must be paid prior to: February 15, 2015

Non-payment may result in the following charges:
$15 Notice Fee, $20 disconnect / $20 reconnect charge

Current Bill

If your current bill also falls past due a hand delivered notice will be dispatched and your entire balance will be required to be paid in full to continue Utility services.


Short term arrangements are available to owners. If you cannot pay your past due balance by the date described on your bill, please come in to the accounting office at 133 W 29th Street, with a picture I.D., to arrange for an extension. Filing for an arrangement would forego additional fees being added to your account at that time.


If services are disconnected, the bill plus on/off fees and a security deposit will be required to restore services. Deposits are held for two years of good credit and refundable only to owners of the property.