Adopt a Trail

Be inspired to be a part of our beautiful natural world! 

The trails of Ogden City provide a wondrous and beautiful experience for all who explore them.   However, to ensure the future of the trails, it requires the efforts of many to protect and preserve their unique ecosystem.

Taking on the stewardship of a trail is a privilege, and it is important that the adopter take the responsibilities of maintaining the trail seriously.   We have prepared the following guide so that you understand the value you can bring and responsibility you are taking on.   You are not alone, we are here to provide guidance and assistance when faced with key or larger issues, but understand, adopting a trail puts you as the first line of protection of a very special and natural resource. 

How the Program Works

Ogden Trails Network Committee, Weber County and Weber Pathways will assist you in determining which trail will benefit most from your efforts and will be most convenient for your volunteers.

Maintenance efforts will be tailored to your adopted trail and may include:
  • Clearing fallen trees
  • Litter Pickup
  • Clean drainage
  • Identify major concerns (washouts, signage, slides, fallen trees)
  • Clear brush
  • Report graffiti
  • Report illegal activity

To adopt a section, all you have to do is choose section on our Trails Map, read the Adopt a Trail Guidelines, then fill out and submit the Adopt a Trail Application.


Submit your volunteer hours.