Planning Commission Meetings

The Planning Commission regularly meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 5:00 p.m. in Council Chambers, on the third floor of the Ogden Municipal Building.  Work Sessions meetings are scheduled as needed.

The deadline for Commission meeting items is the first Wednesday of the month prior to the scheduled meeting.  

2022 Schedule

Planning Commission Agendas


Ways to Comment:

Public Comments & Hearings: Citizen input is encouraged and appreciated during Planning Commission meetings.  The public is invited to voice their opinions on specific items the Commission is considering during meetings and Public Input (3 minutes per person) for those items.

Submit Your Comment Remotely:

If you are unable to attend a meeting but would like to submit your comment to the Planning Commission, you can leave a message at 801-629-8930, or email Comments submitted by noon on Tuesday before a meeting will be added to the public record of that meeting. Submissions will be forwarded to the Planning Commission when received.




September 7, 2022

Agenda Item Address/Desciption Staff Reports Project Briefs
September 8
Item 2a 2828 Harrison cell expansion Staff Report Summary
Item 2b 205 W 17th cell expansion Staff Report Summary
Item 2c 325 Gramercy cell expansion Staff Report Summary
Item 2d 2050 Monroe expand NCU for sheds Staff Report Summary
Item 2e 2351 Kiesel CBD site plan Staff Report Summary
item 2f 2539 Adams parking reduction Staff Report Summary
Item 2g 2510 Washington Bigelow rerrace Staff Report Summary
Item 2h 539 22nd H4 Fourplex Staff Report Summary
Item 2i Minutes
Item 3 305 Harrison rezone Staff Report Summary
Item 4 1602 Washington event center CUP Staff Report Summary
Item 5 3185 Wall Ave Markosian Auto CUP Staff Report Summary
Item 6 712 7th Street rezone Staff Report Summary