Our mission

Creating places people love by embracing the past, guiding the present, and envisioning the future.

Our values

  • Professionalism:  Give everyone your best
  • Vision:  Create places people love
  • Customer Service:  Under promise, over deliver
  • Teamwork:  Work together, rise together
  • Quality:  Strive for excellence

Land Use and Zoning

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A land use permit is required for any site work on your property, including accessory buildings and parking pads.  There is no fee for this type of permit.
 The Planning Division is responsible to implement the regulations of the 
Zoning Ordinance (Title 15) and land use within Ogden City, as well as the Subdivision Ordinance (Title 14) and the Sign Code (Title 18). 
 The Development Review Team meets weekly to review site plans and proposals for both remodeling and new construction.

Involve Ogden General Plan

General Plans are to provide a framework and common vision for future development.

The Involve Ogden General Plan contains the following elements:
  • Community Facilities
  • Community Identity
  • Economic Development
  • Environmental Resources
  • Housing
  • Land Use
  • Neighborhoods
  • Open Space
  • Transportation

Community Plans 

Community Plans create a vision for each particular community with input from citizens, political leaders, developers and professionals. The Plan process provides an opportunity for residents and other stakeholders to participate with Planning Staff in creating a vision for the future.  

The City also has adopted Corridor Plans for many of its major entryways.

Historic Preservation/Landmarks Commission

Application for Certificate of Historic Appropriateness

The Ogden City Landmarks Commission was established in 1979 for the purpose of “protection, enhancement, perpetuation and use of structures, sites and areas and natural history”. This group of local citizens volunteer their time to review the proposed exterior alterations to buildings designated as local historic resources.

Ogden has several areas where the concentration of important buildings or buildings that were the homes of important people exists. These are preserved and recognized as Historic Districts.

In addition to historic districts, Ogden also has individual buildings that are important to the history of Ogden and it's development.

Appeals - Board of Zoning Adjustment       

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The Board of Zoning Adjustment is the quasi-judicial body of the City set up to hear appeals to the Zoning Ordinance.  They may reduce or waive the regulations if a physical hardship or practical difficulty can be shown.