The City Council adopts a budget for Ogden City, the Redevelopment Agency and Municipal Building Authority. The budget is one of the Council’s strongest policy-making tools because it is an effective way to set goals and establish priorities.

Budget Process

The City Council and Mayor adopt an annual budget and some budget amendments throughout the year. To prepare the annual budget, the Mayor works with the various City departments to draft a proposed budget.

The Mayor officially presents the recommended budget for the fiscal year of July 1 – June 30 to the Council at the end of April or beginning of May. 

The City Council holds several public discussions before adopting a final budget. Public hearings are also held to give residents and business owners a chance to weigh-in.

By mid-June, the City Council will have changes to the Mayor’s proposed budget based on resident feedback and Council priorities.
 The Council will adopt the final budget in June, unless a tax increase is proposed to meet budgetary requirements. If a tax increase is considered, the Council will adopt a tentative budget in June and the final budget in early August.

Budget Information by Department

Each year, the Council meets with the directors of each department to discuss their upcoming budget proposals. These discussions are open to the public and typically take place in a series of work sessions throughout the month of May. The information gathered in these meetings help the Council better understand the proposed budget and make decisions that are more informed. Budget information for each department can be viewed by clicking on the links to the left.

Budget Process Flowchart

Budget Documents

Ogden City Budget Process

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