Rental Information

The Golden Hours Center has a limited availability for rentals of rooms for daytime and afternoon use. We offer different sized rooms that can accommodate parties from 10-100 people. A room rental after normal operating hours will need to have a building monitor present at the event. Availability of rooms may be dependent on if staff is available the day of the event. Golden Hours is non-smoking and alcohol free. No alcohol may be served or consumed on the premises. 
Events cannot go past 10:30 pm. All requests for rentals are evaluated first come, first serve. 
Rentals of the Golden Hours Facility must be by a person 60 years and older and by an event that will benefit a person 60 years or older. Groups renting the facility are responsible for providing their own supplies for cleaning up after the event. 

Rental Agreement Form- Must be printed

Print & fill out this form in order to put a rental request in with Golden Hours. It must be given to the front desk & additional information may be asked. Your request will need to go through an approval process before you can reserve the desired room.