Opportunities for Student Involvement

The Ogden City Council encourages Weber State University students to take advantage of the many opportunities available to become engaged in Ogden City government.

Attend a City Council Meeting

Students are welcome to attend City Council meetings held most Tuesday evenings at 6:00 p.m. on the third floor of the Ogden Municipal Building, 2549 Washington Boulevard.

Students can learn more about how local government works, watch as the Council deliberates various issues and provide feedback on topics being considered.

There is also an opportunity at the end of each meeting for students to provide feedback on any general issue related to the City. 

Click here to learn more about Ogden City Council meetings.

Request to be on the Agenda 

Students may request the opportunity to present an item or recommendation to the City Council during its regular meetings. These presentations are limited to 10 minutes and are approved by Council leadership based on availability of time and relevance of topics.

Click here to Request to be on the Agenda. 

Weber Speaks 

Weber Speaks is an opportunity provided through the WSU Communications Department where students from any major can be selected to address the City Council on a pre-selected topic.  

Debate a City Council Topic

The nationally recognized WSU Debate Team periodically attends City Council meetings to debate a topic that is slated for Council discussion and potential consideration.

Being involved with the Debate Team allows students to research Ogden City topics and present both sides of an issue during a public meeting.

Weber State Debater


Although no formal internship program presently exists, Ogden City frequently provides internship opportunities to Weber State University students in various fields. Students can contact Ogden City Human Resources to learn which opportunities are currently available and how best to apply for these positions.

Meet with City Council Members 

As elected City representatives, City Council Members work hard to be accessible and meet with the public to discuss various issues. Because many Council Members also have full-time jobs, calendaring may be challenging, but in most cases with enough lead time, a meeting can be accommodated. 
Talk of the Town

Talk of the Town 

Periodically, Council Members and the Mayor host a meeting on campus to talk with students about compelling topics that impact our community. These meetings provide an opportunity for input and students are encouraged to come and participate during these meetings. 

General Feedback 

Any student who feels inclined to reach out to the City Council on any topic can provide his or her viewpoints via social media, e-mail or phone correspondence. Council staff is also happy to help direct students regarding how best to become involved with each of these opportunities described.