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About Engineering

The Engineering Division of Ogden City works mainly in designing, monitoring and improving the infrastructure of the city. Working closely with the City's Water, Sewer, Storm Drain, and Street Divisions, Ogden City engineers determine the utility needs for an ever-evolving city.

As part of an ongoing effort to improve the quality of utility services available to residents, it occasionally becomes necessary to construct water tanks and pipelines along Ogden's hillsides or to tear up roads to replace aging and inadequate utility pipes. These temporary inconveniences help ensure a better quality of life for residents in the future.

Engineering Design Requirements

All public improvements and private development within Ogden City are governed by the 2020 Engineering Standards for Public Improvements.

Ogden City's Engineering Standards incorporate many aspects of the "2017 APWA Manual of Standard Specifications" and "2017 APWA Manual of Standards Plans." Electronic copies of these two volumes can be purchased from the American Public Works Association (AWPA) or at the City Municipal Building.

Individual Standards packets for Water, Sewer, SWPP, Asphalt and Concrete are also available for download in PDF Format:

Utility Information

Ogden City maintains record drawings of utility line locations, layouts, and sizes. This information is available to contractors upon request, either by telephone or email.

Address Issues

Addressing for all properties, including new subdivisions and developments within Ogden City is either assigned or verified under the supervision of the City Engineer.

Occasionally a property owner will discover that the address of his or her property title does not match county records, utility records, or sometimes even the house number itself. The property owner is encouraged to contact the addressing coordinator with Ogden City Engineering at 801-629-8990 or by email at