Street & Sidewalk Maintenance

Street Chip Sealing & Overlays

Each summer, city crews chip-seal and overlay streets from mid-June through November, when asphalt concrete batch plants close. Each year, 230 - 270 blocks of streets are chip-sealed and 30-50 blocks are overlaid. Each winter, streets are surveyed to determine relative severity of pavement condition. From this survey, plans are developed indicating which streets need maintenance, and what type of appropriate maintenance will be done. Asphalt overlay gets rid of the unsightly cracks, patches, and potholes on your street. It also provides a smoother ride, and lengthens the life of the street. Chip sealing increases pavement life and provides better traction.

If your street needs repair, you can always notify the city by calling our Public Services department at 801-629-8271. City crews will deliver notices to affected residents the week before, and place barricades on the street the day before the work is to be done. If the repair is an overlay, the street is usually closed for no more than 8 hours; if the treatment is a chip seal, the street is closed 2 hours. We ask you to please not park on your street the day it is to be repaired. Please drive cautiously, and be patient when you see the street crew working in your area. Please obey any flagmen and construction signs.

Street Sweeping

Ogden City has three street sweepers. Street sweepers start at the north end of the city each spring. Our goal is to sweep all streets, three times a year. However, several projects take priority over normal sweeper work,

After the snow melts, streets that received a chip seal the prior summer are swept first
Streets where salt and sand accumulated at the bottom of hills; i.e. above Weber State University, Bona Villa, Shadow Valley (bench areas) also receive priority sweeping. After the spring chip seal operation, sweepers sweep up chips for the next 2 - 3 months.

After these priorities, sweepers resume the normal north-to-south street sweeping. You can do your part to help keep your neighborhood clean by picking up litter and sweeping up material from the gutter in front of your house. Remember, never sweep grass clippings or debris into the gutter or storm drain.

Sidewalk Maintenance

Though the city sidewalks are located within the City Right-of-Way, it is the responsibility of each resident and business adjacent to those sidewalks to maintain them and keep them clear and passable to pedestrian and wheelchair traffic. This includes keeping the sidewalk itself clear of dirt, mud, snow and other debris, as well as keeping bushes, hedges and tree branches trimmed back from the walkway.

Trees in the City Right-of-Way (between the sidewalk and the street) are maintained jointly by residents and by Ogden City's Urban Forester. Residents are responsible for watering the trees, and may fertilize them as well. The Urban Forester is responsible for trimming or pruning the trees. Please report any trees within the right of way that may need attention (broken or low hanging branches) by calling 801-629-8284.