Gang Unit

The Ogden Metro Gang Unit began in 1992 and works closely with officers and detectives from surrounding agencies within Weber County to identify, investigate, and reduce the various gang activities within the county. The Gang Unit’s metro concept has made great strides in combating the youth gang problem. Overall, gang-related crimes are on the decline.

The Gang Unit employs a three-pronged approach in combating gang activity...investigation, suppression, and prevention. Additionally, a close partnership with Juvenile Probation, School Resource Officers, and Community Action groups has proven beneficial in being able to solve gang-related crimes quickly and providing support to families who may be struggling with children involved in gangs.

A major effort of the Gang Unit has been stopping gang intimidation and removing as many weapons as possible from the streets. Gang detectives aggressively pursue each case and use a variety of investigative techniques. Both Ogden City and Weber County continue to keep youth gang violence an important public issue by continuing to promote public awareness and by engaging the community in addressing the root cause of why our youth may be motivated to join a gang.