Contact Information: 801-629-8605 Training Lieutenant Clint Christensen


The training bureau at the Ogden City Police Department is comprised of a supervisory lieutenant, a training assistant, and several full-time police officers, all of which are dedicated to bringing the highest quality of training to the men and women of the Ogden City Police Department.  The Training Unit’s goal is to provide the citizens of Ogden the most highly trained and proficient officers in the State of Utah.


Each officer at the Ogden City Police Department is initially enrolled in a two week, in-house, academy before they attend the Utah Police Academy.  After successful completion of the Utah Police Academy, each officer is assigned to the FTO program.  Here, the officers put the skills they learned in the police academy to practice.  The 14 week FTO program is closely monitored by the supervisory lieutenant and only the highest caliber of student will graduate from the FTO program and continue their career at the Ogden City Police Department. 

At the end of the FTO program, each officer is required to maintain a minimum of 40 training hours a year.  These training hours come from a series of classes, some of which are listed below:


Physical Fitness
Search and Seizure
Emergency Vehicle Operations
Constitutional Law 
Traffic Law
Arrest and Custody


The Training Division is an integral part of the police department’s duty to maintain the highest standards and ethical values in the hiring and training of new and current police department employees.

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