Weber Morgan Narcotics Strike Force


The Weber Morgan Narcotics Strike Force is a multi-jurisdictional task force that works in a collaborative environment, which investigates drug offenses.  

We need your help! By working together we can be more effective in the detection of illegal drug activity in your neighborhood. Our toll free 1-866-TIP-A-COP number is your link to the police officers who investigate the sale, use and manufacture of illegal drugs. The information you provide about suspicious activity in your neighborhood will help investigators. Your tips may be anonymous.

Frequently asked questions:
Q: Can I remain anonymous if I report a drug violation?
A: Anyone call call and report a violation. Giving personal information is optional and the strike force makes no attempt to identify the complainant in cases.   Some people will leave a contact information so an investigator can make contact and give an update on the incident. 

Q: What information do you need?   
A: When reporting a drug violation, as much information as possible is helpful.   Full names and addresses are critical but limited information is acceptable.  A description of involved persons along with description of the involved vehicles and residences may be needed. Tell us what you are observing and what you think may be going on and why.  We can never have too much information. Report if you are aware of weapons, children, or dangerous material in the home.   This helps law enforcement properly prepare.  

Q: What do I do if I find drugs or drug paraphernalia?  
A:  Always assume that what you find may be a health hazard.  Give the local police a call (801) 395-8221 Non-emergency dispatch.  Give the dispatcher a detailed description of what, where, and how you located the item(s). An officer will respond to collect the items and dispose of them properly.