Bill Details

Ogden City provides a Monthly Bill (PDF) for all city supplied utilities which may include water, storm water, sanitary sewer, and garbage. Bills are calculated on a 30 day cycle.

Meter Readings

Readings are obtained within 1 to 5 days of the service date indicated on your billing. Initial and final bills are prorated for the actual dates of service. 

Billing Cycles

There are four billing cycles that correspond to geographic areas of the city.  The day of the month your meter is read is determined by the cycle your property belongs to. Each week bills are generated for one of the four billing cycles.  We are unable to change the day your meter is read and billed. 

Bill Discrepancies

If you believe any portion of your utility bill is in error, please contact the Ogden City Utility Billing Office within ten days at (801) 629-8321 or in person at 133 W 29th St.

Past Due Bills

Bills are due upon receipt and are considered past due after twenty-three days.  A $15 late fee will be assessed for past due bills.  Accounts with two past due bills are eligible for service termination.  Past due amounts may also be assigned to a debt collection agency.  Collection costs incurred by the city will be added to your bill.

Service Termination

If services are terminated for non-payment, any past due balances must be paid prior to service restoration.  A security deposit will also be required.  

Additional Information

  • Payment arrangements - Property owners may apply for short term payment deferrals.  Please contact the Utility Billing Office for further details.
  • E-billing - You may receive your monthly bill by email.  Please contact the Utility Billing Office to sign up for electronic bills.