Line Kills & Hydrant Rental Program

Line Kills

A line kill is the permanent disconnection of a water lateral from a water main.  Line kills are required when water laterals are abandoned or modified in order to accommodate service expansion or new development. In the event of service expansion or new development, lateral sizing is performed by the city's Engineering Division.  

Ogden City or a licensed and bonded contractor may perform line kills on residential lines that are not within Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) right of way.  All other line kills are to be completed by the property owner's licensed and bonded contractor.

General requirements for a line kill are as follows:

  1. All Ogden City utility accounts associated with the line kill must be paid in full.
  2. A request for the water meter to be removed must be submitted to the utility billing office.
  3. At least two days prior to the line kill a Request for Line Kill form must be submitted to the utility billing office and a $750 fee paid.
  4. Line kills performed by a contractor must obtain a permit from the city and UDOT, if applicable, in order to schedule an inspection of the work performed.
  5. If the line kill is not completed properly in a timely manner the City may complete the work and the property owner will be required to pay all costs incurred by the City.
  6. If applicable, a demolition permit will not be issued unless all requirements of the line kill have been met.
For questions regarding line kills, please contact the utility billing office. 

Hydrant Meter Rentals 

A temporary water meter may be connected to a fire hydrant to provide water for construction or other activities.  A $2,600 deposit is required March thru November and a $4,600 deposit  December thru February.  All fees, water usage and equipment damages will be deducted from the deposit and a refund issued or bill generated if the fees exceed the deposit amount.  

For questions regarding hydrant meter rentals, please contact the utility billing office.